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with DNA Levity & Tanya Marie

Lift each other up in this introduction ‘Flying Partner Yoga’ class. All skill levels are welcome.

DNA & Tanya teach a regular Acro-Yoga class at Kalanihonua and have been playing together for over 5 years.

DNA is a licensed yoga & partner yoga teacher. He has been teaching acro-yoga for over 10 years and is the founder of the Humandalas Project (Humandalas.com) and is an active contact dance teacher. He is a master of the ‘Art of Connection.’

Tanya has a degree in dance and is a Certified Professional Coach since 2012. She is a dedicated meditation practitioner since 2002 and trained Teacher of the Wisdom sutras, Mahayana and Bodhisattva path. She has been dedicated to practicing Acro-Yoga for over 5 years and is founder of wisdomwarriorrising.com

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