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Afro-Cuban Drum and Song with Maurizio Capparelli

with Maurizio Capparelli

Learn traditional Afro-Cuban rhythm and song with Maurizio Capparelli.

The music of Cuba is rich with culture, spirituality, celebration, and groove!

Each drum has a deceivingly simple part on its own, but when interlaced with all the other ‘simple’ parts, the complexity, depth, and ‘suave’ of the music really comes through.

Add to this the otherworldly expression and freedom of the Yoruba songs and it’s easy to see why this music has been prevalent in the Cuban culture for so many decades.

Maurizio began studying percussion and rhythm when he was 8 years old. Though the years he has studied and performed with renowned artists and now focuses on Music of the Orisha as well as the Shona music of Zimbabwe.
His love in the music is closely connected to and presented with the spiritual connection and lineage of the music

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