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Ecstatic Embodiment Yoga w/ live DJ and Sound Healing


by Sophia Ocean & DJ Galloway Hiatt

Returning to the essence of the elements we explore the fundamental principles of ecstatic embodiment. Deepening our connection to receiving the subtle nuances of energy, we let music and emotion dance through the body in the free flow of expression that awakens a powerful and vibrant inspiration for life. Closing the space with a sound healing journey to help integrate this life affirming practice.

This workshop combines a soothing yoga sequence with Breathwork, Mantra, Mudras, and Qi-Gong. This journey is seamlessly woven together with uplifting, live DJ beats and sound healing.

Sophia Ocean is an international facilitator of Holistic Health Practices with a profound eloquence for conveying a somatic approach to restoring our resilient vitality. Her diverse training includes Yoga, Tantra, Acupressure, Breath Work, Herbology, Reiki, Permaculture, Thai Massage, Shamanic teachings, Sound Healing, Qi Gong, Somatic Movement, Vocal Embodiment and Dance. She offers retreats, workshops, ceremonies and personal coaching.

Galloway Hiatt is a music producer/DJ out of Edmonton, Canada. He is co-founder of the Awake the Day Movement in Canada, facilitating events that inspire and build community connection. Galloway sees music as medicine, with the power to uplift, shift, and return us to our original state as blissful beings. He and Sophia offer transformational events and retreats and tour with their musical collaboration, ‘Soultry’.

Sophia and Galloway Infinite Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ztPOlnQ0S8

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