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everyBODY Belly Dance!


with KymBreanne Shingara

This workshop is for every BODY! Belly dance is a feminine dance that has been historically practiced in various forms all over the world. The “belly” of the dance is connecting your mind with your body and connecting with other dancers. No matter your age, size, skills, or abilities, join KymBreanne and explore a basic belly dance practice.

KymBreanne is a professional belly dancer and yoga instructor based out of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She is the performing arts lead for the band Tierro with Bridget Law. Her dance style incorporates American Cabaret and Tribal Fusion belly dance with ecstatic modern dance. You will find her wearing bright costumes, dancing with props such as swords, fan veils, and fire palms, enticing you to join in the journey of the dance with her.

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Posted by KymBreanne on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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