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Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga: Mind and Spine Therapy


with Emma Zawacki

Learn the movements to balance the Five Elements in Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga. Lu Jong is an ancient practice with roots in Tibetan medicine, shamanism, and Buddhist philosophy. It is a nourishing and gentle movement practice that restores the nervous system, calms the mind, and brings vitality to the body. It is accessible to all ages and abilities

Tibetan medicine says that we have over 72,000 channels in our bodies. In this workshop you will learn tools to open these channels, invite greater balance into your life physically, mentally, and energetically, and connect more deeply with your body and the natural world.

I am a lifelong dancer and lover of healing movement. For me, being healthy means finding balance in our bodies, minds, and spirits. As a ballerina for over 20 years, finding balance has both a literal meaning and a sacred one. Through rigorous training over time, I developed a close relationship with my physical body; I pushed myself to the limits of my strength while searching for the elegance and grace that make ballet look effortless. I have danced in numerous ballet productions and taught many ballet classes from Connecticut to Colorado to California to Hawaii. In 2018, I became a certified Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga Teacher in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. I have spent time living in Nepal and I hold a degree in Buddhist Studies. I have taught Lu Jong at the Maui Yoga Festival and international yoga retreats, as well as at studios on Maui and in South Carolina. I am really excited to be able to share this unique and precious practice!

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