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PARTNER YOGA: One Plus One Equals ONE


with Marcia and Crystal Galleher

Offered by mother and daughter Marcia Galleher & Crystal Galleher

Partner Yoga involves physical connection, support, conscious breathing, trust, communication and a joyful sense of play and creativity. When students practice their pose with a partner, each may find more stability, depth and accessibility together than expressing the posture alone.

Practice asana as a sacred ceremony within the exhilaration of Thrive Fest Hawaii. Group mandala yoga poses will be inserted into the session also, manifesting a deeper sense of Unity.

Participate in the Bhakti vibration of chanting with the harmonium led by Crystal.

Come join this fun and exploratory class with your partner or come by yourself to find a yoga mate there. Open to all levels of yoga experience.

Partner Yoga will be accompanied by John Galleher (husband/father) playing the ambient sound of the handpan, inspiring the atmosphere of blissful connectedness and love.

CRYSTAL GALLEHER has been learning about the path of yoga since childhood. Her first teacher was her mother, Marcia Galleher! Crystal has been teaching yoga ever since she attended a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu Center in Massachusettes in 2014. Crystal’s path of yoga study and teaching is very rich.

She has experience from different Yoga Ashrams throughout India, a Yoga & Ayurveda Immersion on Kauai (at Hale Pule), a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, and most recently, her 1 1/2 years of living at Mount Madonna Center in California. She is passionate about teaching asana in a form that is accessible to everyone, safe, strengthening, and deeply focused on self-inquiry. She weaves powerful spiritual teachings into her asana classes and is now teaching pranayama and meditation as well.

Crystal loves world travel, writing in the form of journaling, poetry, and blogs. She is devoted to supporting women through women’s circles as well as Doula work. Crystal is committed to wholeheartedly exploring her inner workings to show up in the world with authenticity and courage! www.crystalfaithyoga.com (Crystal’s email is crystalgalleher@gmail.com. Birthday 06/05/1987)

MARCIA GALLEHER (mar-see-ah) instructor for 26 years, offers intuitive based teaching rooted in Hatha Yoga. Classes are taught in a meditative style with postures flowing in a smooth sequence. The focus is on conscious breathing and the subtle anatomy within the context of yogic philosophy.

Marcia loves to dance, is an artist, a gardener, and a Pisces. She is a resident of Puna, delightfully content among the jungle, the ocean and community. Marcia manages the hOMe Yoga studio in Kalapana Seaview Estates, organizing daily classes and Saturday Special Events www.homeyogapahoa.com. She was a previous instructor at Kalani and taught at the Hawaii Yoga Festivals of 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Marcia is co-owner of a jewelry business, Mobius Products & Services, blessed mother of David, Crystal, and Jesse and One with her husband John for over 40 years. www.marciayoga.com


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